People go far of places to enjoy the beautiful beaches and are unaware of the stunning and pristine beaches in the Konkan belt in India.

For the people who love to be around the sea or ocean, Konkan is the place you should be visiting next. There are many virgin beaches in Konkan for you to enjoy. People are oblivious to these beaches mainly due to the distance or lack of knowledge; thereby, one can expect less crowd in most of the beaches, making your experience in these beaches more personal and quieter. Below are some of the beautiful beaches in Konkan for you to enjoy on your visit.

Murud Beach


Murud beach is located in the small quaint Murud village in the Dapoli district. Murud beach is one of the famous beaches in Konkan known by people. You can enjoy the various water rides and water sports on this beach. Have fun in the banana rides,

jet skis, parasailing, and many other water rides and sports that are available here at Murud beach. You can also visit the famous Murud Janjira fort, which is approximately 01 km from this beach. Apart from Murud Janjira fort, you can go to Ahmedganj Palace and Padmadurg fort, which are also nearby Murud Beach.

Harnai Beach


Harnai Beach is known for the Harnai Fish Market, where the fresh catch gets auctioned every day here. This fish market is the largest in the state of Maharashtra. If you like to visit places with historical significance, then Harnai fort is in close proximity to the beach. This beach is home to many beautiful species of birds; you won’t be surprised to find a couple of bird photographers here at the beach.

Karde Beach


Karde beach is an extension of Murud beach and is one of the most tranquil and reclusive beaches in Konkan. Karde beach, with a large expanse of soft sand, is one of many beaches in Konkan, which is ideal for a romantic getaway with your partner. You can take a peaceful long stroll on the silver and black sand of the beach, which extends far till Burundi via Ladghar to its south and Murud Harnai to its north.

Ladghar Beach


Ladghar beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in the Konkan belt, approximately 6 km away from Karde Beach; thereby, the beach is not very crowded, and you can enjoy the beach leisurely with your family and friends. Savor the beautiful sunset at this clean and serene beach. You can indulge in some of the water sports on this beach as well. As the beach is sparsely crowded, you will find it easy to get the water rides without any delay.

Anjarle Beach


Anjarle Beach, to date, is the cleanest and unpolluted beach in Ratnagiri district. One of the unique aspects of this beach is the Turtle festival that happens every year. Every year, the endangered species of Olive Ridley Turtle come to this beach and lay their eggs every February to May. The festival organizers protect these eggs from animals as well as from people that help in conserving these species. Once the eggs hatch, you will witness the wonderful moment of the hatchling finding its way to the sea. Anjarle Beach is a must-visit beach in Konkan, especially during the time of the turtle festival.

Ganpatipule Beach


One of the famous beaches in Konkan is known for the Ganpatipule Temple on the shore of the beach. Every year especially during Ganesh Chaturthi, thousands of tourists and devotees come here to pay their respect to Lord Ganesha. Apart from the famous temple, tourists enjoy taking a stroll on this wind sand beach, engaging in some water sports, and some of the delicious food of the region. 

Kolthare Beach

Credit-shrikanchan hotels

Kolthare beach is touted to be one of the cleanest beaches in the whole of India. However, Kolthare beach is relatively unknown to people, and thereby this beach hardly ever has a heavy tourist influx any time of the year. Being a non-commercialized beach has made people who visit this beach happy as they can enjoy the beach and its tranquillity in peace without the hoard of the crowd. Another factor that is worth seeing here is the spot where the river Panchanadi meets the Arabian sea.

Bhogave Beach


Most of us relate to Konkan through Malvan, especially the Malvani cuisine. But, apart from the delicious cuisine, Malvan is also home to a beautiful Bhogave beach. Once you reach the beach, you will be mesmerized by the calmness and the beauty of the place, with luscious green mountains and white sand surrounding it. Moreover, there is a hill adjacent to the beach where you will find the ruins of Nivati fort on the top. And if you are adventurous and happen to venture to the top of the hill, you will witness the most magnificent view of the Arabian sea from there.  

Tarkali Beach


Tarkali Beach is one of the safest and beautiful beaches in the Konkan region, surrounded by tall coconut and betel trees all over. Pure white sand and clear water of the beach will welcome you with open arms; this captivating sight itself will make you fall in love with this place. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the beach, Tarkali beach is one of the few beaches in Konkan where you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. Tarkali beach is also known for the accommodation provided by MTDC, and one has to go there to experience the excellent service.

These are some of the well-known and some of the undiscovered beaches in Konkan, which should be part of your list. The beauty of the beaches is best enjoyed when you experience it in person and create your own unforgetful memories with your near and dear ones.

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