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3 Deluxe Rooms, bungalow/villa
In-Home Meals
How many rooms do you have in Kolthare Villa (Shrikanchan Hotel)?

We have one hall and 3 Deluxe Rooms in our Villa with all amenities.

Is there any nearby Beach from villa?

Yes, there is Kolthare Beach which is 100 meters (walkable distance) away from our Villa.

Do you have any activity around you?

Take a short walk to Kolthare Beach, Explore the nearby Harnai fishing village and market, Visit the Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg forts, Take a morning stroll or jog on the beach, Experience the local culture and festivals of Dapoli, Visit the ancient Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple, Enjoy the beautiful sunset views from the beach and enjoy the peaceful environment around the bungalow with your family and friends.

What is the check-in and check-out time?

The check-in time is 2 Pm and the check-out time is 11 Pm Let us know your arrival time in case you schedule and early check-in we‘ll do our best to have your room available.

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served from 9 am to 10 am, every day.

Does bathrooms have shower and hot water?

Yes, all bathrooms have shower and 24×7 hot water.

How far in advance do I have to book?

As soon as you have planned your trip. We sometimes have last-minute availability, but in general the earlier you book, the better are the chances of availability of the rooms.

What are nearby attraction from Shrikanchan Hotels?

There are so many places that you can visit such as, Ladghar, Guhaghar, Suvarnadurga, Panhalekaji Caves, Kadyavarcha Ganpati, Harnai Fish Market, Dabhol Jetty, etc.

Do you have any unique accommodation?

Yes, we have 5 Luxurious Tents stay at Tent-O-Treat, just 15-20 min. away from Shrikanchan Hotels.

Is this place suitable for corporate picnics?

Yes, the Shrikanchan bungalow is a spacious 3 Deluxe Rooms bungalow with a big backyard surrounded by nature. There is plenty of places to do team activities and team bonding games and on top, the Kolthare beach is just 100 meters away from the bungalow (within walking distance) so you can take your team and also have a quality time enjoying the beach with your team.

Is breakfast included in the price?

Complimentary breakfast is offered to all guests staying at the hotel.

What is offered at breakfast?

The breakfast includes Kande pohe, Mini Batata vada, Vadapaav, Misal paav, Sabudana vada, Thalipith, Upma (Note- Subjects to availability, Any two items will be provided).

Is the parking space is available?

Yes, free and secured parking space is available.

Do you provide pick up and drop services?

Pickup & drop service can be arranged from Khed Railway Station / Bharane Naka (Khed) / Khed Bus Stand/ Dapoli Bus Stand / Chiplun Bus Stand / Chiplun Railway Station, provided we get the exact schedule of arrival and number of persons at the time of booking / 24 hours prior to your arrival. We also arrange sightseeing in and around Dapoli. These services will be at extra cost.

What you Get

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Free WiFi
Cable TV
Dry Clean
Laundry facilities
24 hrs Hot & Cold Shower
Meeting Room
Hot Water
Coffee Maker

We Have Vacancy!

We whole-heartedly welcome you to the Shrikanchan Hotels. Come and join us in the endeavour of Nature and rejuvenate your soul.

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