To Our Esteemed Guest/s,


Thank you for considering (Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat) for your stay, and we welcome you at our establishment. COVID -19 has transformed the way of our living, our travel arrangements, our way of socialising, as well as the working arrangements of companies.

Since the inception, (Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat) have kept their guests and employees as their topmost priority and keeping in mind with the current COVID-19 situation we are determined in taking utmost care and necessary precautions to protect the safety and well-being of all our guests and employees alike.

Considering the changes in the safety instructions due to COVID-19 we are following all the directives advised by the Indian Health Authorities that will help in curbing the spread of the virus and safeguard the guests and employees at our establishment.

Our employees are given thorough training about the new ordinance, thus ensuring that our guests feel safe and secure at (Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat)

We are aware that in this unprecedented time travelling may not be a much of precedence for you. Despite that, if you need to travel and choose (Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat) as your hospitality partner, please be assured that you are in safe hands and we are committed to doing everything in our capacity to ensure that your stay at our property is pleasant and safe one.

Thank you for your understanding. Be Safe.

(Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat)




We at (Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat) consider the safety and well-being of our guests and employees as a matter of the highest priority. Due to COVID-19, we are taking various measures and precautions to ensure that our employees and guests are safe and secure at our establishment. Following are some of the actions that we have implemented for the safety of our guests and employees

    • We are keeping our management and all our employees abreast with the latest development related to COVID-19, that includes the changes in government policies pertaining to the travel arrangements, hotel stays and group gatherings.
    • Our staff members are required to get trained in renewed hygiene and safety protocols
    • We ensure that our employees take leave if they show even the slightest symptoms.
    • We are regularly disinfecting the doorknobs, elevators panels, credit card terminal and other areas.
    • We have increased the cleaning frequency at our establishment, especially the common areas and common washrooms.
    • It is mandatory for all our members of our staff to wear masks and gloves all the time.
    • While checking-in, we check the temperature of all our guests.
    • The team at (Shri Kanchan and TentoTreat) has the right to send the guests back home if they show clear symptoms of COVID-19, this will help in minimising the spread of the virus and protect the people staying in the property.
    • We have placed Hand sanitisers at a regular distance throughout the property as well as in the guest rooms and common areas.

    Apart from the measures mentioned above that we are enforcing, we encourage our guest/s to protect themselves and others by following some basic guidelines.

      • Keep washing your hands frequently for at least 30 seconds or sanitize your hands regularly.
      • Avoid shaking hands and hugs
      • Kindly maintain social distancing
      • Cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing/coughing or sneeze/cough into your elbow
      • Be mindful of touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
      • Kindly avoid travelling if you are showing symptoms.

    In case if you need any more information regarding the measures, we have taken to make your stay safe and secure, please feel free to get in touch with us with your queries.


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