Bungalow over a hotel has always been the biggest debate while going on a trip. One of the important decisions to be taken while traveling apart from deciding where to travel is where to stay while you are exploring the new destination.

The main criteria while selecting a place to stay is that it should be comfortable; as most of the time, you use the place only to sleep, hence it should have a very comfortable and cozy place to relax and drift away peacefully after a long day of exploring.

Until recently, the only option people had was hotels or lodges or resorts for staying, in recent times, a number of Bungalow have come up in major tourist spots that accommodate people at their home while they have come to explore the place.

Today more and more people, especially avid travelers, are looking for Bungalow options while they are traveling to new places as they have come to know the various advantages that come with the Bungalow. Some of the things that have made Bungalow the preferred option over a hotel are as follows.

1. Bungalow are Economical

Avid traveler prefers Bungalow to hotels or lodges is because staying in a Bungalow is very economical. There are no hidden charges or the various taxes that you have while staying at a hotel.

The costs are straightforward, and most of the time, meals are included with it, or the homeowners will suggest places where you will get cheaper and delicious food.

You will be able to save and enjoy your time traveling more without replenishing your resources.

2. You are Contributing to the Local Economy

By opting for a Bungalow, you directly contribute towards boosting the local economy and uplifting the whole community.

Many communities depend only on tourism as their livelihood and staying in these quaint bungalows certainly helps them earn some decent income.

The host will also refer you to the local artisans and handicrafts from whom you can buy some locally made artifacts and spread the word about them.

Through the little support from the people visiting the place, it can help the place develop and grow.

3. You will get the first hand in Cultural Education.

Bungalows are the best place to know about the culture and traditions of the place. The host will help you understand the culture better and also make you part of it as well.

While traveling to know the culture of the place is an added advantage, this will help in understanding the people and place better along with getting educated and increase your knowledge, thus making you be more aware of the place.

4. You will Enjoy Personalised Service.

At the Bungalow, you are treated like their beloved guests and not like a client. You can request your preferences, and they will make it happen to keep you happy.

They will also pay personal attention to you in case you fall sick and need help. You will get the home feeling while at the Bungalow.

5. You will get to know the History of the Place.

One of the reasons why travelers are choosing a Bungalow is that the host has abundant knowledge about the history of the place.

Even though one can argue, you will get the same from books or Google, but it is not the same. A person who has experienced the history and living to share the same is altogether different.

Getting to know about the history of the place adds value while you are exploring the place. You are more aware of the place’s existence through the conversation you had with your host.

6. You are aware of Those Hidden Gems of the Place.

While interacting with the host, they will help you explore the place that goes beyond the tourist trail. As they are locals, they can point out places which one should visit, which are not usually mentioned while researching about the places.

Travelers have vouched on the fact the places they visited as per the recommendations of their host at the Bungalow turned out to be the best place they have seen in the area.

Be its scenic beauty, a shopping place, a place to get delicious food; you will experience something truly beautiful that no traveling sites or books can provide such information as a local can.

7. You will Enjoy Delicious Food.

The food served by the host at the Bungalow is usually the same food that they themselves eat every day. So you will have the privilege of having home-cooked food every day.

Staying at a Bungalow will bring you closer to their culinary culture, and you will be able to experience it as well. As these are healthy homemade food, you need not worry about the calorie content in them.

Also, people with dietary restrictions can request a special meal that they will readily provide without any hesitations.

8. You will Enjoy Local Festivals.

If you have timed your travel when there is some important festival of the place, you are in for a treat, especially if you stay at a Bungalow.

For example, if you are visiting the Northern part of India at the time of Diwali. You will be able to experience and also be part of the traditions that they follow on Diwali.

The host will make you part of the entire celebration along with their family members, thus giving you the experience of a lifetime.

These experiences are absent when you book a room in a hotel or any boutique hotel.

9. You will have a Comfortable Stay.

At the Bungalow, you will get the real meaning of the words ‘a home away from home. It is like you are meeting a friend that belongs to a different community or culture or, at times, even a foreign country.

Bungalow gives you the required privacy of being at home and, at the same time, gives you all the luxury and comfort necessary that will make your stay a pleasant one.

10. You will go with loads of Memories from the place.

To travel means you are bound to create beautiful memories. At the Bungalow, being close to the host family, being part of their daily dinner table conversation, and in general, being welcoming will definitely create a memory and friendship of a lifetime.

These are some of the most precious things to hold on to for a lifetime. At hotels and lodges, the place is very commercialized that it is only good enough to go and sleep, at the Bungalow, you will be doing things that the local people do and experience something extraordinary that you might never experience elsewhere.

If you have never experienced Bungalow, you should make sure that you book one for your next trip. Hotels, boutique hotels, or lodges are all part of a company offering almost the same services everywhere, but not in the case of a Bungalow.

You will be surprised how warm and welcoming the place and people are; they are offering you all the personalized comfort you need during your stay.

Most of the people staying at Bungalow invariably become part of the host family and have someone to call a friend in a foreign country. So, next time when you want to book your trip and accommodation, give Bungalow a try.

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